Benefits of taking Blueberries during Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, there are certain foods that she should avoid and remove from the diet. However, due to advice from different people, they get confused on what is good for them. Blueberries contain a lot of nutrients useful during the pregnancy period. Most pregnant women prefer organic ones in order to avoid pesticides that could cause faults during birth. It is important to wash blueberries properly before taking them.

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Some of the benefits of blueberries nutrition in pregnancy include:


They are safe for consumption since no side effects have been associated with taking too many of them. It is therefore important to take considerable amounts one or two servings each day. It is advisable to avoid taking any blueberry products meant for medicinal use since no one knows the effects they might have on human beings including expectant women.

A serving containing blueberries contains nutrients crucial for the unborn baby and the mother. A cup of these fruits contains 41.4 grams of vitamin C. This constitutes 18% of 80 milligrams one requires to consume every day. Some of the benefits of this vitamin include the ability to offer protection to the immune system. It also helps in the absorption of iron that reduces the risk of low birth weights in children and premature births. The fruits also contain folate that prevents birth defects as well as potassium crucial for the Childs heart.One day I was trying to potty training my older son, and he ask me for blueberries..I was amazed.

Blueberries are important to the baby just as they are to the mother. They enhance normal growth as they contain minerals and vitamins. The right amount of calcium in the berries help in proper development of bones. They also contain minimal amounts of calories and fat.

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Some of the tips to consider when taking blue berries include eating them fresh as a snack or by combining them with Greek yoghurt low in fat. Yoghurt helps boost proteins leading to development of muscles. Calcium in the yoghurt helps in development of bones. You could also make a smoothie by combining natural yoghurt, raspberries, blueberries and fruit juice. Combine salad made from spinach with blueberries too. Take blueberries in plenty.

High blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy is also known as Preeclampsia. It is the most common disease that pregnant women face. It leads to major complications, premature delivery and even death of baby and mother. Thus the risk of preeclampsia is reduced with the help of vitamin supplementation. It is a disorder that occurs during pregnancy and postpartum period in which it affects the unborn baby and the mother. The symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy include changes in vision, headaches, sudden weight gain and swelling.

high blood pressure

The tips to reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy include

Avoid stress- during pregnancy you should avoid all kinds of stress that causes your veins to expand or stretch. You should rest while doing your house chores and avoid tedious jobs completely. During pregnancy your mind need to relax so that you don’t suffer from hypertension.

 Yacon Syrup: This fruit can help you reduce your blood pressure. Read more in here about yacon syrup

Have protein rich diet- protein is very good to reduce hypertension and for this you can eat scrambled eggs so that your protein intake can increase. Eggs are a very good source of protein and it also helps in repairing of worn out tissues so that infections are avoided.

Exercise regularly- if you want to reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy, you need to maintain a daily exercise regime. If you can do rigorous exercise, even a brisk walk can be very good for you. Going to a gym is not important as you can exercise at your home.

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Women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy also suffer from dizziness, intense pain in upper part of the belly, problems with vision like flashing lights or blurriness and edema of feet and hands. This can be detected during the regular prenatal visits. Therefore during pregnancy it is very essential to be with all your appointments. The health care provider checks your urine for protein and also measured your blood pressure.Also , you should take attention to pregnancy stretch marks and take care of your skin, read more in here.